Saturday, September 26, 2009

Less than 24 hours to go!

His R&R is finally among us. He called me yesterday afternoon to let me know he finally arrived in Kuwait. He was calling from the USO on Skype and it was really noisy so I couldn’t hear a whole lot. It was SO NICE to hear his voice and know he was finally out of Iraq. Just to know he was no longer there anymore made me so happy. He was on his way to me and only had two more stops to go. He told me he would let me know later that night (morning for him) what his flight schedule looked like to the states so I would know when to meet him at the airport.

WOW. There I stood at the checkout line at Target and I swear, there was nobody else around for those few minutes. I was completely focused on the fact that HE was on his way to ME! This was really happening. This moment I have waited my entire life for was finally here.

Why do I say my entire life? Just take a peek at the “About the Author” link on my personal blog to get a glimpse. Knowing him for 10 years and coming to this moment is incredible. He is THE man I have prayed for my entire life. Knowing we will soon be spending the rest of our lives together is such a humbling thought. There were many times in my life I would have thought this type of moment, this type of person, would never happen for me. Here it is, less than 24 hours away. I am so eternally thankful and grateful for him. I cannot wait to have THAT MOMENT with him at the airport. The moment we have both waited for.

I am so thankful for all the support from my friends, family, and Twitter family I know I have been blabbing my head off on FB, constantly tweeting, and just all around going crazy over his impending arrival. He’s had to bring me back to earth on several occasions. We were picking at each other a few days before he was due to leave and I swear, it was just my hormones and emotions going wild. Thank goodness that’s over and the joy and excitment has taken over. I understand that while my soldier is coming home, there are other women saying goodbye to theirs. I am again, so grateful on so many levels to have this two weeks with my soldier. More than anyone will ever know. He has to go back, but once R&R is over…he should be back home for good within the next two months. Yippie!

I will post pictures as soon as I can, but if I disappear from the blog for a while…you’ll know why.
Love & Hugs,